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Billing Platform


Billing Platform

1. Client information

Energy/ Billing System for the energy sector/ Leading Billing System development for mid and back-office processes in the energy industry/ Germany.

2. Business challenge

With 17 million end customers in the process of migration and new international customer integration, the client needed to scale its operations dramatically to expand into new markets and create a Billing solution capable to integrate an endless number of end-users and flexible to encompass all business needs.

3. Project approach: From business vision to implementation

Our team is involved in developing a multi-currency, rule-based billing platform for utility (such as electricity, gas, heat, water, and sewage) providers, where all business requirements – mediation, rating, invoicing, collections, revenue recognition are defined. The solution has been enhanced by a new process design, and quality assurance based on automated testing.

4. Services & Expertise delivered

Strategy Definition, IT Ecosystem Innovation & Modernization, Processes & Systems Optimization, Budgeting & Resource Planning, Quality assurance consulting, Solution Enhancements & Project Rescue, Data Architecture & Systems Integration, Data Quality Management, Data Testing & Optimization

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