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Digital Idea Tracker

1. Client information

Energy sector/ Power generation, Energy Sales & Trading, Energy storage/ global energy company that generates, trades, and markets energy and energy-related products on a large scale/ Germany.

2. Business challenge

The client wanted to develop a platform that would act like a digital interface, where all employees could submit project ideas, that would be further on reviewed, approved/ denied and tracked by the responsible committee.

3. Project approach: From business vision to implementation

Our team designed and implemented a tool for the organization to submit, plan, manage, and launch ideas for digital products. Considering the size of the undertaking of the digitalization process, this was required in order to structure the idea intake, implementation or rejection process through the Digital Idea Tracker. The tool tracks stakeholders, such as Product and Business Owners, current evaluation or implementation status, as well as financial information (costs/ benefits throughout time).

Furthermore, we established a platform that encapsulates all approved and delivered projects from the Digital Idea Tracker, in order to grant easy access to relevant stakeholders throughout the organization, alongside a management platform for all applications within the App Store. Through this platform, users can easily manage application descriptions, user groups, technology topics, workflows and notification settings for each application.

4. Services & Expertise delivered

Dedicated Development Team, Digital Discovery & Technology Assessment, Solution Strategy, Processes & Systems Optimization, Quality Assurance Consulting, Custom Software Design & Development – Web application & SaaS Development, Custom Software Design & Development – Quality Assurance, Custom Software Design & Development – Software Maintenance & Technical Support, DevOps Consulting, Solution Enhancements & Project Rescue, Cloud Project Management, Cloud Audit & Readiness.

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