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Service Delivery Center


Service Delivery Center
Strategy Definition
IT Ecosystem Innovation & Modernization
Quality Assurance Consulting
DevOps Consulting
Solution Enhancements & Project Rescue
Strategy Definition
IT Ecosystem Innovation & Modernization

1. Client information

Energy/ Billing System for the energy sector/ Leading Billing System development for mid and back-office processes in the energy industry/ Germany.

2. Business challenge

With 17 million end customers in the process of migration and new international customer integration, the client needed to scale its operations dramatically in order to expand into new markets, and as such needed a fully dedicated delivery center to be set up near shore, in a white-label fashion, and be cost-effective.

3. Project approach: From business vision to implementation

Our team is involved in companywide software development for product process improvements such as stabilization, refactoring, and new feature implementation, product and process refinement and customer and user story negotiations. From establishing a QA Automation chapter, to implementing new code standards up until interfacing with clients to establish accurate backlog prioritization, we have established a service delivery center that not only delivers, but also improves the business.

4. Services & Expertise delivered

Strategy Definition, IT Ecosystem Innovation & Modernization, Quality Assurance Consulting, DevOps Consulting, Solution Enhancements & Project Rescue.

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