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GDPR Compliance Automation System


GDPR Compliance Automation System
Third-party Enterprise Consulting Services – MuleSoft & Salesforce
Data Strategy
Data Architecture & Systems Integration
Data Management & Governance
Data Quality Management
Third-party Enterprise Consulting Services – MuleSoft & Salesforce
Data Strategy

1. Client information

Energy/ Energy Retail (B2B & B2C)/ Large European electric utility company/ Germany.

2. Business challenge

The client needed to automate the client data compliance and processing, in line with the GDPR international guidance.

3. Project approach: From business vision to implementation

Our team designed a system that orchestrates and ensures GDPR compliance for existing and potential clients by creating a custom process automation in a Digital Sales Platform for data subject rights mapping and continuous data management implementation, maintenance, enhancements, and current application customization. New functionalities were developed in multiple systems, Salesforce, MuleSoft, Powercloud, DML-Data Management Layer, Inspire (for letter creation and client notification/communication) and Axon.Ivy as the orchestrator of all the required activities.

In addition to the continuous blocking and deletion of personal data from the Digital Sales Platform's IT systems, it has also been created a technical concept for the implementation and continuous, cross-system processing of the following 6 specific data subject rights: Information, Rectification, Deletion, Restriction, Contradiction & Transferability.

In order to determine which data qualifies for any of the above 6 types of subject rights, an automatic End of Purpose Check algorithm and a logic for legal case management have been implemented.

All the involved systems have been split into 3 main categories:

  • Data-holding Systems, where the data is saved long term (PC, SF, CIAM)
  • Interface systems, where the data could only temporarily / short term be saved (MuleSoft, VDWH, SF MC, Adobe Campaigns, CrushFTP, etc.)
  • Other support systems which do not save or edit personal data (VMCC, nScale, etc.).

4. Services & Expertise delivered

Dedicated Development Team, Third-party Enterprise Consulting Services – MuleSoft & Salesforce, Data Strategy, Data Architecture & Systems Integration, Data Migration, Data Management & Governance, Data Quality Management, Data Testing & Optimization.

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