Business Insights Application, powered by AI
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Business Insights Application, powered by AI


Business Insights Application, powered by AI

1. Client information

Finance, FinTech/ AI Driven Financial Analysis Software Products/ Pharma FinTech developer/ Germany.

2. Business challenge

The client needed to develop an AI-based solution that generates executive-level data outputs based on self-learning algorithms.

3. Project approach: From business vision to implementation

Our team designed and built an AI-based solution that allows the C-Suite to understand all numbers within the organization on an easy level, from finance to production. The tool combines disruptive deep and self-learning algorithms with state-of-the-art technology, such as digital twins and bots to transform data into personalized business insights. Each user with access to this tool is presented with a personalized AI-driven output, based on factors such as: his/ her department, access level and historical usage of the application.

4. Services & Expertise delivered

Mixed Development Team, Custom Software Design & Development – Web application & SaaS Development, Custom Software Design & Development – Quality Assurance, Custom Software Design & Development – Software Maintenance & Technical Support, Cloud Project Management, Data Cleansing & Transformation, Data Engineering, Data Migration, Data Communication & Visualization, Data Quality Management, Data Testing & Optimization.

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