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Asset Risk Tracker


Asset Risk Tracker

1. Client information

Energy sector/ Power generation & engineering services, / global energy company that generates, trades, and markets energy and energy-related products on a large scale/ Germany.

2. Business challenge

The client needed a structured risk management application, to assess the technical and regulatory issues status and their financial impact, based on a series of automated mathematical analysis with data input from asset sensors.

3. Project approach: From business vision to implementation

Our team designed and implemented a structured risk assessment and management tool, based on scenarios, to establish how technical and regulatory issues on the production side might impact financial performance of assets, as well as to identify impact on the environment, employee safety and environment. The tool enables the organization to quickly analyze potential threats to assets and investments to identify opportunities to improve performance.

The tool is utilizing mathematic formulas in order to calculate different scenarios where certain sensor data can be combined to provide a different output that will be used in monitoring or risk preventing and managing applications.

4. Services & Expertise delivered

Dedicated Development Team, Digital Discovery & Technology Landscape Assessment, Custom Software Design & Development – Web application & SaaS Development, Custom Software Design & Development – Quality Assurance, Custom Software Design & Development – Software Maintenance & Technical Support, Solution Enhancements & Project Rescue, Cloud Project Management.

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