API Integration & Data Migration
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API Integration & Data Migration


API Integration & Data Migration

1. Client information

Energy/ Billing System for the energy sector/ Leading Billing System development for mid and back-office processes in the energy industry/ Germany.

2. Business challenge

Considering the vast amount of newly migrated customers, the API architecture needed to be revisited in order to achieve scalability and improve processing times, while adding additional features for clients not available prior to the migration.

3. Project approach: From business vision to implementation

Our team is involved in migrating all API calls from old frameworks to new ones, taking into account new data structures and flows. It supports enhanced performance and easier day-by-day contract and workflow creation by ensuring real-time integration scenarios, secure connections and manage fast rollouts.

4. Services & Expertise delivered

Strategy Definition, Digital Discovery & Technology Landscape Assessment, Solution Strategy, IT Ecosystem Innovation & Modernization, Processes & Systems Optimization, Solution Enhancements & Project Rescue, Data Cleansing & Transformation, Data Architecture & Systems Integration, Data Migration, Data Management & Governance, Data Quality Management, Data Testing & Optimization.

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