Frequently asked questions

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The Hiring Process

Yes. Our developers mainly work remotely, but most of them are also available for on-site work.
Affirmative. Most of our developers have either worked remotely or locally in Germany.
Of course! All our developers are work proficient in English and clear communicators. They'll understand you right the first time.
Certainly. We'll provide your desired developer in up to 3 weeks. In urgent cases, we can usually find someone even faster via our partner network.
Our developers come mostly from Eastern Europe, although we also have some Germans in our team, who usually act as technical leads on multiple projects. In this way, we have a large pool of talent that enables us to guarantee short-term solutions at all times. All of our developers can travel and work in Germany.
Once we learn what your developer needs are, we interview our pool of profiles and match you with the best suited option. Then, you review the developer's profile and accept or decline. If you accept, we start work right away. If you decline, we'll find you other matches until you are 100% satisfied.
Yes. Even though our developers work remotely most of the time - you can communicate your needs directly to the developer appointed to your project/s.
Dissatisfaction is not an option with us. If any reason you're not satisfied with our developer/s - we'll get a better suited 'back-up' developer to deliver your project instead. Ultimately, we also offer a 15 day, 'full money back' guarantee.

Safety and guarantee

Even though we are not able to place developers on long term hold (without a contract), we always try to match developers with companies/clients they've worked with in the past. Should the developer not be available, we'll find an equally qualified developer to meet your requirements.
Absolutely. Our team is carefully screened for your security and we only work with trusted programs/ networks.
Yes. All our contracts have a 15 day full guarantee.