DevOps Engineer
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DevOps Engineer

No longer available

Your responsibilities:

  • Lead teams through the design, construction, testing, and deployment of updates to current software.
  • Boost the security procedures for the company's IT infrastructure.
  • Determine which manual procedures can be automated.
  • While making adjustments and enhancements, take into account the organization's whole IT infrastructure.
  • Upkeep and development of the business' cloud infrastructure.

To fit this post, we look after:

  • Cloud Infrastructure → Kubernetes, Docker.
  • CI/CD → Jenkins pipelines, declarative-Jenkins custom steps.
  • Infrastructure as Code → Git and Github, gitops.
  • Cryptography → RSA, TLS, PKIs.
  • Relational Databases → PostgreSQL.
  • Scripting → Bash, Python, Unix tool chain
  • IBM Cloud Services → LogDNA, Sysdig.
  • Java / c++ / c# | cloud - aws/azure/openshift - nice to have | containers - docker/podman | git/ jira / confluence.


Social Security

Friendly environment
Friendly schedule
Flexible work location


Access to our professional development tools and programs
Training certification reimbursement
Recognition and objective performance appraisals for personalized career paths

Perks and bonuses

Medical benefits
Referral bonus
A free week-long accommodation annually at our corporate apartment in Valencia, Spain
400 RON reimbursement for eyeglasses expenses

Special Events

Team events
Holiday packages
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