The right skill set. Delivered.

Try new business ideas fast, without the burden of hiring and managing a team.


Principal was founded to speed up the development process in firms too big to be agile. We figured out a way to lower opportunity cost and letting companies focus on their core business.

100,000 hours

Since being founded, Principal has worked with over 12 companies and has billed over 100,000 hrs.


Principal operates with a a dedicated team in Europe.

The way we work

Your project
Assess the Scope and the required skills. We screen the best developers from our team, and make them available to you.
Our developers
Operative in 2-4 weeks. Scalable to your needs
No hidden fees

Our headquarters

Europe - Romania
Str. Nicolae Iorga 10,
Tg. Mures 540088,
Hiring is expensive and time consuming.
Scouting, screening and interviewing can take months and be money heavy. At Principal we value efficiency and we believe in giving companies the freedom to try new ideas fast. We’ll take care of the boring stuff.

Frequently asked questions

Once we learn what your developer needs are, we interview our pool of profiles and match you with the best suited option. Then, you review the developer's profile and accept or decline. If you accept, we start work right away. If you decline, we will find you another match until you are fully satisfied.
Yes. Even though our developers work mostly remotely, you can communicate your needs directly to the developer appointed to your project/s.
Dissatisfaction is not an option for us. If, for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our developer/s we will see to is that a better suited one is appointed to your project. Ultimately, we also offer a 10 day, full money back guarantee.
Yes, all our developers have at least a working proficiency level in the English language.
Absolutely. Our team is carefully screened for your security and we only work with trusted programs/ networks.